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June 30, 2021

For me, LinkedIn has aways been a bit of a mystery. I remember it being this formal place that was almost just a bunch of resume's and head hunters, then it moved into a phase where it felt like it was just spam and requests from random people in San Fran (whats with that?).

It's becoming clear to me, and many others that LinkedIn has become much more social and filled with engaging content and genuine connection opportunities.

So, to help kick start my LinkedIn transformation, Nicole Osborne from Wunderstars joins me to show me everything I'm doing wrong and were to start.

With so many hints and tips, Nichole points out that the key place to start is with your profile. This is the base for your LinkedIn networking/ Because no matter how hard you try with engaging and creating content, if you're profile is not up to letting you down you will struggle to make the connections you are looking for.

And this is why we completely totally pull apart my LinkedIn profile, this is an easy way to show you what you need to do to your profile.

Download the slides

Nichole has been kind enough to provide the slides that were used in the session for you all to download. Feel free to grab them here.

Nicole Osborne

With her fun Wunderstars coaching programme, Nicole uses her 20+ years of marketing experience to help busy entrepreneurs streamline their marketing efforts and fast track their social media results with stand-out branding and persuasive storytelling across their digital channels.

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