Freelance life can be a strange beast, sometimes it can seem daunting to even know where to start. We all have moments where things are hard, and then they start to make sense, things get easier, they get harder and they get easier again. 

Sometimes we pick up bad habits and sometimes it takes us longer than it should to find the direction we need. We want to help you learn from others who have traveled the path before you. So whether you’re self a self taught creator looking for guidance or you’ve been at this for a while, we want to take you beyond freelance.

Corey Dodd:

Hey there, I’m Corey Dodd and I host the Beyond Freelance podcast. I’m a designer and a design agency owner. These days I’d often call myself a brand strategist depending on the time, place and who I’m talking with. I’m a bit of a fan of this design thing and I’ve been doing it for just over 20years.

In that time I’ve worked for a whole range of agencies, from micro teams to national studios. I’ve worked as the national creative for Nova Radio and run a few teams, but right now I run my own studio elkcreative.com.au where we focus on branding for land developers and those in the corporate construction industries. When I’m not designing and running projects I’m often trying to give back to the community and help other designers trying to find their own path. recently I launched a course sharing years of my design knowledge and how to Learning Oxygen Builder.

So if you want to get in touch, find me on twitter, instagram or email me at corey(@)coreydodd.com.au 

Nick Gulic

My name is Nick Gulic, and I run a small but highly profitable digital agency in Sydney, Australia.

Before starting my web agency though, I used to consult on marketing and sales strategy to small businesses around Australia. That's helped me do some cool things with my agency, and made sure I ran my business in a way that allowed me to make a really nice level of profit without working around the clock.

These days, I coach other web design agencies and teach sales with my course, Sell by Helping.

Wanna chat? Hit me up on twitter, or email me via me(at)nickgulic.com.
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