Beyond The Brief - Stop Sucking at Sales

July 21, 2021

Put your hand up if you hate sales?

Yeah, that was me too, but not anymore.

I used to see sales as some form of manipulation or way of trying to trick a client into buying what I was selling but that never felt right, it just isn’t my style.

I knew I needed to improve my conversion rate from leads, so I started to take sales more seriously. Luckily Nick Gulic put launched a sales course sell by helping which not only resonated with me but which helped me fill in the missing pieces. This led to an easy and authentic way to sell "myself" to prospects by focusing on how I can help them.

Learning to master sales didn’t just help me close more deals, it helped me close BETTER deals, with better prospects and with higher prices.

There is a secret benefit to learning how to sell in an authentic and caring way which is that it improves your communication skills across the board. Improving your communication across all areas of your business pretty quickly starts to make client meetings, calls and emails more enjoyable and ultimately helps projects run smoother.

All that from improving your sales process.

Sales doesn't come naturally for all freelancers, whether you're a designer or a developer. Learning that sales doesn't always have to be hard and pushy, but can be turned around into a process of sharing and helping is a huge eye opener.

For those of you who want to learn more and take your sales to the next level we have a pretty HUGE and exclusive group discount of 25% off. Take advantage of this while you can.

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Nick Gulic

Nick Gulic is a coach for freelancers and agency owners and can be found at: when he isnt busy running his own agency

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