Beyond The Brief Catch up #6

June 15, 2021

In this weeks Beyond the Brief catchup, we talked about escaping the Feast and Famine cycle.

It's a long one but here is some great information in there, I've time stamped the video so it's a bit easier to digest.

We talked about what the Feast and Famine cycle really is. Why it's important to set your finances up properly, having a runway, having a business bank account, paying yourself a wage.

You might think "how does that help?". By slowing down the same money and having a gap between when your money "runs out" you can act, and think with less desperation. Making better decisions that help you escape the Feast and Famine cycle.

We looked at the classic trap of not working on your business and how important it can be to map out time for marketing and networking.

We talked about recurring revenue ideas, from care plans to retainers.

There were some great tips around how to stop being a "yes person" and agreeing to things we shouldn't.

And we also answered a few great questions.

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